Fundraising for the Uganda Kuchus Aquatic Team

Fundraising for the Uganda Kuchus Aquatic Team

The Uganda Kuchus Aquatic Team are an LGBTI swim team in Uganda who need support to train and to travel to swim meets such as the Gay Games and the IGLA international swim meet.

DSW members met some of the courageous swimmers from this group when we were at the Gay Games in Paris in 2018.   In Uganda they risk their physical safety when they do something as simple as join a Rainbow swim team, and meet to train.

The Washington DC Aquatics team has set up a page where supporters can donate to help get UKAT members to international events.  Let’s hope that their example will spread to other countries in their region, and we’ll see more and more swimmers from Africa coming to the Gay Games and IGLA.

Find out more about the Uganda Kuchus Aquatic Team on their facebook page.

And here’s a video where you can hear about the Uganda Kuchus at the IGLA 2016 meet in Edmonton, Canada, and here’s an interview with the UKAT team leader where she talks about the fact they had to practice on dry land for the Paris Gay Games.

Donate here to help the Uganda Kuchus Aquatic Team

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