Different Strokes Wellington Swim Club
Coronavirus Alert Level 2 procedures
Coached Sessions at Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre
Last updated: 16 August 2020

DSW Coached Session Activities

  • Coached swimming sessions in two booked 25m lanes on Monday and Thursday evenings (7-8pm) every week;
  • The coach will stand at pool side and direct swimmers through their exercises.

Health and Safety Actions and Responsibilities

Actions Responsibility
Arrival, changing and departure Swimmers will enter the building at the main reception and will exit through the southern west exit at the end of the session.  The pool is operating a one way system to reduce contact occurrences.

All payments are to be contactless (PayWave eftpos is available at reception, no cash will be accepted).

All swimmers will need to provide contact information to WRAC staff as they enter the pool.

Reception staff cannot look after valuables at the reception desk.

Swimmers should wash their hands and/or use hand sanitiser as they enter and leave the pool.

Changing rooms are available, but are only accessible from the poolside entrance.  They are marked out where people can get changed and numbers in them at any one time are monitored to ensure phsyical distancing.  Hair dryers have been removed.

All members will be encouraged to change before coming to the pool, but can use the changing rooms if this is not possible.   If possible, swimmers should shower at home after their swim to keep use of changing rooms to a minimum.

Members will maintain physical distance of >2m when arriving and leaving the pool, and using the changing rooms.

WRAC will allocate a site near the booked lanes for swimmers to place their gear.

Club members, WRAC Staff
During coached sessions The Duty Manager will ask what activities the group will be doing in the session.  This is to ensure WRAC staff are comfortable there are no risks with the activities and that between the coaches and lifeguards the group will be supervised properly.

Members will ensure that they follow all instructions of the Club Coach and WRAC staff.

Pool set up is in regular width lanes but spaced from other clubs to support physical distancing, there is no maximum number of swimmers in any lane at any one time.

Members will ensure they remain at >1m distance from each other at all times during swimming sessions – including during swimming exercises, when getting in and out of the pool, and at the ends of the lanes while resting and/or receiving instructions from the club coach;

No gear (e.g. pool buoys or kickboards) should be shared between swimmers

Swimmers may bring and use their own gear, which they should clean before and after sessions;

WRAC-supplied pool buoys and kickboards will be available but should not be shared, and after use should be placed in designated discard piles for cleaning by WRAC staff.

Club members, Club Coach
Hygiene A robust cleaning regime has been put in place by WRAC staff which includes high touch areas being wiped down every 30 minutes.

Swimmers using their own water bottles should fill them before arriving at the pool.  Drinking fountains will be available to fill bottles, however we recommend minimising use.  Swimmers should not drink directly from the drinking fountains.

The Club Coach will have wipes and hand sanitiser with him at the poolside to ensure that any gear he handles is kept clean.  Club members can also use this hand sanitiser if required.

Swimmers should wash their hands and/or use hand sanitiser as they enter and leave the pool.

Club members, Club Coach
Contact tracing All swimmers will need to provide contact information to WRAC staff as they enter the pool.

A register will be maintained of all swimmers at each club night for the purposes of contact tracing.   These records will be kept for at least two months.

The Club Coach will text the Club Treasurer a list of all club attendees on each Club night.  The Club Treasurer will update the list of attendees on the regular attendance spreadsheet.

The Club Captain will ensure that contact details (email address and phone number) are up to date in the club records.  The Club Captain (or the Coach in his absence) will ask for these details from all new members/attendees.   Club members can enter and/or update their contact details on the club website at:

Club Members, WRAC Staff


Club Coach, Captain and Treasurer

Swimmer unwell, First Aid and Emergencies Any swimmers who are unwell should stay home and not come to the club sessions.

If a swimmer does get sick while in the facility there is an isolation area available with a toilet and basin assessable to keep them safe until they are collected and/or health guidance is obtained on how this should be managed.

A first aid a self-service station has been set up, by the main change area.   A lifeguard will be available to guide you while maintaining physical distancing.   However should you require assistance that means contact is necessary the lifeguard will be wearing appropriate PPE a face mask, gloves and glasses.  If a rescue is required, this will occur as normal.

Club members, Coach


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