2017 Capital Swim Meet

Capital Swim Meet: 28 Jan 2017

Hosted by DSW Swim Club

This event has taken place.

Thanks everyone for coming to the meet!  We had a great time.
The final results are here: 2017CapitalSwim-final_results

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Swim Meet will now be held at Kilbirnie Pool due to the continuing closure of Freyberg Pool. 

The Capital Swim Meet will be held at the Freyberg Pool, Oriental Parade, Wellington. Kilbirnie Pool, Kilbirnie Crescent, Wellington (Note change of venue!)  There are buses (line 2 to Miramar, and line 14 to Rongotai), which go past the pool.  Line 2 is fastest.

The event is part of the Rainbow Sport and Culture Weekend, 27-29 Jan 2017

Entries are welcome from swimmers of all levels at this friendly and fun competition. This is a (non-sanctioned) meet (no formal speed records can be set).

Cost: $35 ($25 early bird before 22 December 2016) – paid with registration.  Registration will close on Tuesday 24 January.

Registered swimmers can check in and register for team relays on the day of the event from 1 – 1:30pm.  The pool is open to the public up to 1pm, and is open for warm-up from 1pm.  The swimming events will start at 1:30pm.

For any further queries please contact Richard on admin@dsw.org.nz

And also email admin@dsw.org.nz  to volunteer your time and energy to help out at the Capital Swim Meet 2017.  We need runners, recorders, time keepers and general helpers to make it all work.


Note: Freyberg Pool is 33m long.
The new venue is Kilbirnie Pool, in a 25m lane configuration, 2m depth, and without starting blocks.  Dive starts will be from directly from the poolside.   The events below will have their lengths modified to accommodate the different lane length.
Swimmers registering now are still asked to give seed times for a 33m pool so that we can seed events for all registered swimmers in the same way.

1. 67m Freestyle
2. 100m Backstroke
3. 200m Breaststroke
4. 33m Butterfly
5. Fun Relay
6. 200m Freestyle
7. 33m Backstroke
8. 100m Breaststroke
9. 67m Butterfly
10. 4x33m Breaststroke Relay
11. 67m Backstroke
12. 133m Individual Medley
13. 33m Breaststroke
14. 4x67m Mixed Medley Relay (DSW Capital Relay Challenge Cup)
15. 100m Freestyle
16. 33m Freestyle
17. 4x67m Freestyle Relay
18. 67m Breaststroke
19. ?x33m Freestyle Relay (TAMS Anniversary Cup Challenge)

DSW welcomes all participants to swim in events as the gender they most identify with (Male/Female/Gender Diverse)


NOTE!!! The notes below all still refer to the 33m Freyberg Pool – but do note that the event is at the Kilbirnie 25m pool.  Please still give your seed times for the 33m events.

How swim meets work

In a swim meet like this one, there are a set of events (e.g. 33m freestyle, 67m backstroke etc.).

  • For each event every swimmer gives the time that they expect to swim for that event – that’s their seed time.
  • Swimmers with similar seed times swim in the same heat – so everyone in the same heat more or less starts and finishes together:  in your heat you’ll be swimming alongside other people who are just as fast as you.
  • Within each event the slowest heats are swum first, fastest last.
  • There are no finals – only these heats.

How to choose your seed times
First choose your events (they’re all listed above).
Ignore the relays – we’ll deal with them on the day.

You can choose a maximum of 6 individual events.  Fewer is fine!
It’s a 33m pool: if you don’t like doing turns, then just choose lots of 33m events.

If you’ve already timed yourself in the pool for your chosen events that’s great.  Write down your times so they’re handy when you register.

If you’ve got no idea of your seed times at all (especially because this is an unusual length 33m pool): then

  • Choose your events
  • Take a look at this results document from the 2015 Capital Swim Meet, which was also swum in the 33m pool at Freyberg.
  • Find the event you need a seed time for, and then find the times that people swam in that event in 2015.
  • Find swimmers of the same age and sex as you and you’ll get a good idea of the times that people like you normally swim.
  • There’s always a range of times of course – just pick a seed time (in minutes and seconds) that looks reasonable to you.
  • Take a note of the seed times in the format mm:ss (e.g. 01:15 for 1 min 15 dec) so you’re ready to enter them when you register.

Other things to think about

  • Don’t stress about choosing the seed times exactly: there are no consequences if your seed time is very different from your actual time.
  • The pool is 33m long.
  • It’s lots of fun.
  • The event runs 1.30-5.00pm.
  • When starting a race you don’t have to dive off the blocks at the end of the lane – you can jump in from beside the blocks if you prefer.

Any other questions?

Talk to other swimmers who have been to a gay swim meet.  You can email the DSW captain Richard at admin@dsw.org.nz

Ready to register?


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