TAMS-DSW Annual Swim Meet

Different Strokes Wellington (DSW) and Team Auckland Masters Swimmers (TAMS) have an annual swim meet, usually in January, and alternating between Auckland and Wellington.

It’s a chance for us to meet each other, swim, socialise and build our community.   It’s open to anyone who wants to swim – especially those who’ve never tried to swim in a race before.  And it’s a chance too for friends to volunteer and take part in a fun event – we need help with registration, time keeping, record keeping etc.

It’s usually run on the same weekend as the Ocean Swim Series event, so that swimmers can enter both.   In Wellington it is part of the regular Rainbow Sport and Culture Weekend.

When the event is about to take place, registration details will appear on our Events page.

Two of the relays have special prizes

1. TAMS-DSW Challenge Cup [?x25m or ?x33m Freestyle Relay]

The trophy is the TAMS Anniversary Cup.  It was instituted for the 20th anniversary of the TAMS swimming team.

In this relay everyone swims one length of freestyle.  There can be lots of swimmers!  The number of swimmers in each team is determined by the smaller of the number of DSW and TAMS swimmers.

Any team can enter this event, but only a recognised swimming club can win the Cup.

Past winners:
2012: TAMS
2013: DSW
2014: TAMS
2015: DSW
2016:  Glamourhead Sharks
2017: DSW
2018: TAMS-DSW Draw
2019: DSW

2. Capital Relay Challenge [4x50m or 4x67m Mixed Medley Relay]

The trophy is the Capital Relay Challenge Shield.

Teams are four swimmers and are mixed (no more than two members of the same gender: male/female/gender diverse).

Any team can enter this event, but only a recognised swim team can win the Shield.
(The Shield remains in New Zealand, even if it is won by a team from outside New Zealand.)

Past winners:
2013: DSW
2014: DSW
2015: DSW
2016: TAMS
2017: TAMS
2018: DSW
2019: DSW

Final results from the 2018 Swim Meet
Final Results from the 2019 Swim Meet

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