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If you’re looking to get fit, learn to swim, improve your swimming times, compete, or just join a fun club, then DSW is just for you! DSW is open to everyone and we’re LGBTI friendly!

To attend the club you need to pay a per session coaching fee and (if the session is at Kilbirnie Pool) you also need to pay regular pool entry.  (Pool entry is free at the Aquadome.)

Here’s what to do

  1. Come along and try out a DSW session!
  2. To stay in touch – join our email list:
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  3. Also you can join our closed Facebook Group “Different Strokes Wellington Swimming”:
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  4. If you swim regularly, we ask you to pay club membership: $30 per year (though we ask $50 if you can afford it) and it can be paid electronically.  Payment can be made directly into the DSW account: 38-9011-0768307-01  (include your name and “subs” in the reference fields).   Our membership fees help keep our club running, and allow us to print promotional material etc.
  5. Pay coaching fees – either pay per session, or buy a 10 trip card.   Prices depend on the pool where the session takes place: see the Club membership and coaching Fees page for more details.

What to expect

Click here to find out what to expect at a DSW session

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